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"One, One Cocoa Fill Basket"


The Jamaican Association of Bermuda (JAB) has put an island proverb into practice in support of the Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust’s Why it Matters campaign. In October JAB donated $2,000 of proceeds raised from a summer cruise celebrating Jamaica’s 51st Independence Day. “A hospital is very important in any country and so we must be seen to be assisting; it’s a community effort”, stated Ms. Flynn-Carty, JAB President.


”We’ve been the first [cultural group] to do so and we would like to see others follow suit, because it’s important to give back to the community,” she continued. Motivated by the well-known proverb “gathering one coco at a time will fill the basket”—which means every little bit adds up over time—Ms. Flynn-Carty challenges other cultural groups to step up and support as well.


“We’re saying that we may not be able to raise the whole $40 million, but every dollar counts.”

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