BHB Mission & Values

BHB Mission & Values


Safe, high quality, people-centered, compassionate care every day


Strategic Aims

1.      Recognise the patient as the reason we are here

2.      Achieve the highest, evidence-based international standards in a safe, caring environment

3.      Educate the community, patients, families, other stakeholders and staff using our clinical and professional expertise.

4.      Structure services to ensure sustainable quality and cost

5.      Collaborate with our stakeholders to advocate for health system reforms and improvements

6.      Build staff and community confidence in BHB



Treating colleagues, patients, their families and all other stakeholders with professionalism and empathy, and honoring each individual’s diversity


Taking ownership and responsibility, and meeting the highest standards of governance


Delivering a transparent, trusted, confidential, ethical service, where people do the right things for the right reasons


Above all, caring for and acting in the best interests of our patients, familiesand community


Aspiring to be the best in all we do

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