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Campaign Overview

Campaign Overview

To support the KEMH Redevelopment Project, the Trust has launched the largest fundraising effort in the island’s history.  Why It Matters is a three-year, $40 million capital campaign that will raise the needed down payment for the KEMH Redevelopment Project now underway.

For over a century, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital has been our hospital, in sickness and in health.  But today, we need to make our great hospital even better, in order to take care of our increasing population and manage a rising volume of chronic diseases. We simply must have a larger hospital that’s designed for the needs of today and tomorrow.

Currently, the Trust is reaching out across our community to local and international companies, organisations, associations, families and individuals, asking everyone to play their part in contributing to our revitalized, state-of-the-art hospital—and to the best healthcare for Bermuda.

Why have the best healthcare?  Look around you.  It’s about your cousins in the next parish and your family in the next room.  It’s about the older couple who live down the road and the young boy riding his bike up the sidewalk. It’s about us, people who call Bermuda home.

You can help us rebuild KEMH as an exceptional center of care for you, your family, your community and your future. This is Why It Matters—and why your support matters now.


Why It Matters Campaign

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