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A Legacy Brick is a wonderful way to pay tribute, honour special people in your life or to recognize special memories and milestones. Each brick can be purchased for $1000 and customized with a personal message, tribute, important dates, names of family members, or even a special thank you. The 4” x 8” brick allows for 3 lines of text, 13 characters per line (including spaces). Each donor brick will be viewed by thousands of patients, staff and hospital visitors, this year and for generation to come.


We invite all to participate in this special project. Make arrangements for your legacy brick today. For more information contact BHCF at 239-1519 or 295-2428 or Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Foundation Registered Charity #683.


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Our Mission

To enhance Health and Healthcare in Bermuda


Registered Charity #683


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Phone: 441.295.2428 or 239-1519